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What Customers are Saying About StatLIA


Research Scientist, Bioassay Laboratory - Pharmaceutical
"By specifying the metrics generated in StatLIA in my performance criteria, StatLIA takes care of my test suitability verification automatically.”

Senior Scientist, Pharmaceutical Development - Pharmaceutical
"StatLIA allows us to determine much more accurately whether our unknown and reference materials are parallel.  Analyzing the full curve gives us much more accurate and consistent analyses than previous methods we have used for parallelism.”

Supervisor, Drug Metabolism - Pharmaceutical
"StatLIA’s weighted 5 parameter logistic curve works well for assay development.  We do not have any problems fitting data, and the nonlinear function allows us to use the full range of our curve.”

Supervisor, Bioassay Department - Pharmaceutical
"StatLIA is excellent for helping us establish our acceptance criteria for our assays.”

Senior Staff Scientist, Analytical Sciences - Pharmaceutical
"The verification necessary to validate assays is done automatically by StatLIA.  If any changes are made to a test, StatLIA automatically compares new assays to an established profile from the historical assays it stores.  If there are any significant differences, StatLIA flags them.”

Senior Research Investigator, Analytical Research and Development - Pharmaceutical
"With StatLIA’s statistical analysis, the software has the ability to significantly reduce the possibility of false negatives or false positives in the screening process.  With the volume of testing that is done in high throughput screening, even a 1% error rate can generate a large number of false negatives that can mask important discoveries.”

Supervisor, Immunology Department, Diagnostic Laboratory
"If we have a problem with an assay and can’t resolve it right away, our test volume can back up quickly.  StatLIA helps us identify the source of a problem in a couple minutes.  Before, some assays could take days to troubleshoot.  When you're holding up production, that's a lot of pressure."

Research Scientist, Analytical Development Group - Pharmaceutical
"When I need to show someone how a new assay is performing, I just show them my StatLIA reports.  It's all there.  It used to take me over half a day to prepare the data I needed."

Laboratory Manager, MedicalCenter
"After interfacing StatLIA to our laboratory information system, we are able to barcode in our patient ID’s and report all of the results in a matter of minutes.  This really helps our workflow."

Professor, Department of Analytical Toxicology – Academic Research
"We were having trouble finding a good curve fit for some of the assays we developed, especially at the low and high ends of the curve.  StatLIA's 5 parameter model fit these assays perfectly.  It has also improved the overall accuracy of our ELISA's."

Manager, New Drug Support - Pharmaceutical
"StatLIA has helped us save time developing our test methods and SOP's for the assays we're working on.  It's easier to validate the tests once they are developed and then track their performance.   Anything we can do to save time, while improving our verification processes, is very helpful."

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