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Combine, compare multiplex and singleplex data

Combine and compare data

StatLIA’s SmartQC™ normalizes the raw data from singleplex and multiplex instruments so that results can be compared, combined. Seamlessly integrate multiplex platforms into your current laboratory workflow without losing the value of your stored singleplex data.

StatLIA Interfaces Directly or Indirectly to Multiplex Instruments

Multiplex assays require software that can compute, analyze and archive multiple assays automatically with the same consistent accuracy, reliability and flexibility that the lab would get if they ran each test individually.  In addition to providing this level of functionality, StatLIA offers unparalleled accuracy and analysis for each analyte in a multiplex run.

By providing superior data reduction (accuracy) and the flexibility to statistically analyze and manage the data from each analyte individually, you have the security of knowing that no specimen will be wasted because of limitations in the software.  You can also take advantage of the faster throughputs multiplex assay technologies provide.

Easy Multiplex Setup and Analysis

  • Auto Export all result and computational data to a spreadsheet to review a summary of all results or review each analyte individually
  • Copy test method protocols to set up new multiplexes quickly
  • Run up to 100 analytes per multiplex, or multiple plates per run
  • Create your own panels of tests to reduce setup time
  • Arrange sample placements the way you want
  • Download raw data directly from any multiplex instrument into StatLIA for analysis

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