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StatLIA Instrument Interfaces

StatLIA interfaces for the instruments listed below have already been developed for other customers. If an immunoassay instrument you are using is not listed, please contact Brendan's sales department, We are continually developing new interfaces, and can add your instrument to the list of those being developed.

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Microplate Readers
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Multiplex / Microarrays / Random Access
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Luminometers / Fluorometers
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Counters (Gamma and Beta)

Microplate Readers
Anthos 2000
Awareness Stat Fax2100
Bio-Rad Model 550
Bio-Rad Model 680
Bio-Rad Benchmark
Bio-Rad Benchmark Plus
Bio-Rad Ultramark
Bio-Tek Synergy
Bio-Tek PowerWave
Bio-Tek EL 311
Bio-Tek EL 312
Bio-Tek ELS 1000
Bio-Tek ELX 800
Bio-Tek ELX 808
Bio-Tek uQuant
BMG LabTech FLUOstar
Dynex MR 5000
Dynex MRX
Idexx Screen Machine
Molecular Devices SpectraMax
Molecular Devices VersaMax
Molecular Devices FlexStation
Molecular Devices V Max
Molecular Devices UV Max
Molecular Devices E Max
Ortho Diagnostics Ortho - 2
Perkin Elmer Envision
Tecan Rainbow
Tecan Infinite
Tecan Sunrise
Thermo LabSystems Multiskan Ascent

Multiplex / Microarrays / Random Access
Axon Instruments Genepix
Becton Dickinson Facscan
Bio-Rad Bio-Plex
Coulter Epics
Diagnostic Products Immulite
Li-Cor Instruments Odyssey
Luminex Luminex 100 IS
Luminex Luminex 200
Meso Scale Discovery Sector Imager
Nichols Advantage

Luminometers / Fluorometers
Applied Biosystems CytoFluor
Berthold LB 952 T/16
Berthold 400
Bio-Rad Lumimark
Bio-Tek Flx 800
Bio-Tek Clarity
Bioveris M8
BMG LabTech LUMIstar
Gen Probe Leader 450
Hybritech Photon ERA
Molecular Devices LMax
Molecular Devices Gemini
Molecular Devices FlexStation
Molecular Dynamics BioLumin
Packard Fusion
Perkin Elmer Victor 1420
Tecan Spectrafluor Plus
Thermo LabSystems Fluoroskan Ascent
Thermo LabSystems Luminoskan Ascent

Counters (Gamma and Beta)
Beckman LS 6500
ICN Idodata 20/20
Lab Tech Genesys 6000 LTI 6060
LKB Wallac Compugamma 1282
Micromedics (7 Models)
Packard Cobra II
Packard (12 Models)
Perkin Elmer TopCount NXT
Perkin Elmer TriCarb QuantaSmart
Perkin Elmer Wizard
Titertek 4 / 200
Titertek 4 / 600
Titertek 10 / 200
Titertek 10 / 600
TM Analytical (4 Models)
Wallac Clinigamma 1272
Wallac Gamma Master
Wallac MicroBeta
Wallac Wizard 1470

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