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Accepts raw data in any format
Uses a pool of your own assays to correctly model the Weighting from each test method for more accurate curve fits
StatLIA® TrueFit™ 5PL (five parameter logistic) uses powerful algorithms to compute the best possible curve fit for every assay
StatLIA® TrueFit™ Data Reduction System calculates the Residual Variance, Fit Probability, R², and other metrics to quantify the accuracy of the curve fit
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Data Reduction Title

Industry Leading 5 Parameter Logistic Model Improves Accuracy

StatLIA’s weighted 5 parameter logistic curve fitting model has been used for years by many of the most regulated, demanding biopharmaceutical laboratories in the world to compute their validated assays.  Brendan’s scientists and mathematicians have developed and improved the mathematical algorithms over the years to develop a robust, highly accurate 5PL model that consistently defines the best possible curve (global minimum) every assay – even with ill-behaved data. Read more...

StatLIA's 5 parameter and 4 parameter logistic models are so accurate and reliable that instrument manufactures have licensed them to incorporate into their software. StatLIA's 5 parameter logistic model can expand the dynamic range of an assay, especially at the low end, just by using it instead of other less-effective 5PL models. Read Bio-Rad Tech Note 3022.

Custom Weighting

Sample concentrations computed from unweighted curve fitting procedures can differ from properly weighted curves by hundreds of percent.  This is why StatLIA provides custom weighting by using a lab’s previous assays for each test to compute the best weighting models and calculate which best describes the variance. Read more...

Assays graphStandard curve graph overlays the current assay's standard curve (blue) with a standard curve (dotted line) and 95%, 99% confidence limits computed from the raw responses of up to 30 pooled previously run (reference) assays from the same test method. The graph enables labs to quickly view at a glance the reliability of today's assay.

Full Logistic Curve Parallelism

StatLIA’s Chi-Square metrics for full logistic curve parallelism analysis provide, for the first time, a direct measure of the amount of nonparallelism present between two curves.  They also significantly improve the accuracy and reliability for determining parallelism and relative potency, overcoming the limitations of the F test and other metrics.  StatLIA computes the residual error difference between reference and sample curves using Chi-Square metrics. These metrics are accurate and reliable whether the data are from well-behaved immunoassays or ill-behaved cell based assays. Read more...

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