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Manuscripts from Brendan Scientists

Measuring Parallelism, Linearity and Relative Potency in Bioassay and Immunoassay Data, Gottschalk PG, Dunn JR, Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, 2005; 3:437-463.  (Free Reprint Available)

The Five Parameter Logistic:  A Characterization and Comparison with the Four-Parameter Logistic, Gottschalk PG, Dunn JR, Analytical Biochemistry, 2005; 343:54-65.    (Free Reprint Available)

Determining the Error of Dose Estimates and Minimum and Maximum Acceptable Concentrations from Assay with Nonlinear Dose-Response Curves, Gottschalk PG, Dunn JR, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 2005; 80:204-215.    (Free Reprint Available)


Additional References


The following manuscripts include many of the initial techniques used for the methodologies and approaches in StatLIA.

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Dudley, R.A.; Edwards, P; Ekins, R.P.; Finney, D.J.; McKenzie, I.G.M.; Raab, G.M.; Rodbard, D; Rodgers, R.P.C.  Guidelines for Immunoassay Data Processing. Clinical Chemistry 1985, 31 (8), 1264-1271.

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Wild, David, Ed.  The Immunoassay Handbook.  Stockton: New York 1994.

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