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StatLIAŽ TrueFitT 5PL can model asymmetrical standard curves
Standard curves from immunoassay and bioassay data are not symmetrical. StatLIAŽ TrueFitT 5PL is a sophisticated, optimized 5 parameter logistic that can more accurately model asymmetry. Combined with the StatLIAŽ TrueFitT Weighting , the fit is tailored to the experiment that generated the data.

StatLIAŽ TrueFitT 5PL uses adaptive logic to model the true global minimum
Using sophisticated algorithms. StatLIAŽ TrueFitT 5PL models the myriad of curve fit parameter options to identify the one curve with the lowest weighted sum of squared errors (rSSE). Unlike other 5PL solutions, StatLIAŽ TrueFitT 5PL won't be fooled and stall at a false local minimum, or fail to converge on a solution.

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