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Potency Assays
Powerful metrics provide direct measure of parallelism with well-behaved, and ill-behaved, bioassays. Meets USP 1032, 1033, 1034 Guidelines and European Pharmacopoeia 5.3.

Merck Presentation
Merck uses StatLIA's direct measure of parallelism metrics to set acceptance limit for potency assays. (Download Presentation)

Validation and GxP
StatLIA Validation Package and and GxP software capabilities simplify regulatory compliance.

Biostatistical Consulting
Brendan offers bioassay and immunoassay analysis and optimization consulting.

Free Updates
Current customers can request download of latest StatLIA update at any time.

Manuscript: Measuring Parallelism, Linearity and Relative Potency

Manuscript: The Five Parameter Logistic

Manuscript: Determining the Error of Dose Estimates



Industry Leading Analysis 

StatLIA software for immuoassay and bioassay analysis uses the most advanced computations available in commercial software. StatLIA's industry leading TrueFit 5 and 4 parameter logistic curve fitting models provide superior accuracy for potency, quantitative (ELISA, FIA, RIA, etc.) and other assay technologies. The software's SmartQC analysis pools your previously run assays to compute accurate weighting and make statistical comparisons between the pooled and current assay.This comparative analysis provides powerful metrics on the performance of the assay's responses, precision, curve fits, concentrations, relative potency, and more that can only be computed by pooling previous assays.

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Scales to Lab Configuration

Each StatLIA software system can be configured to match the number of users and instruments in your lab. All users on a system access the same assay data files through a shared network location, or a single stand-alone computer. The software can access raw data from one or multiple interfaces to platereaders, fluorometers, gamma counters, luminometers, and multiplex instruments used for immunoassay or bioassay analysis. And StatLIA has the required functionality to make your system GxP compliant.

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